Tourmaline Rough

About our faceting Rough:

Some of our pre-shaped or pre-sawed, and some matrix materials have been removed, so it should give you a better yield.

Grading Quality as follows:

A - 60% to 70% clean

AA - 70% to 85% clean

AAA - 85% to 95% clean

Flawless - 100% Eye Clean


No special effects are used. Pictures are taken on a white frosted glass in daylight.

Special Note about Color Gradients:

Each and every computer uses some form of true color technology for the computer's display; the range being 8 bit, 16 bit, and 32 bit true color. The closer to having a computer with a true 24 *32?* bit true color capability will give you a more accurate visual of what you are viewing on your display. So remember, when viewing products, there may be a difference in shades of colors or color gradients displayed, depending on what your computer uses as a true color interpreter.