The Studio's State of the Art Facility

The Source contacted The Studio for the following services.

All of the custom jewelry designs and fabrications are created by a German Master Goldsmith with over 59 years of experience, have been trained at the trained the goldsmith school located in Pforzheim, Germany.


All gem cutting and carving, including the Prism Line, is done by a German Master Cutter, with 48 years in the industry that received his training in Idar-Oberstein, Germany also known as "The Gem Town".

Mineral specimen cleaning/trimming is performed by an expert pegmatite gem miner with 37 years of experience.

All items which are displayed on The Source website were created and produced by The Studio's master craftsmen.

Welcome to the official guide for ordering your special requests.

- Create your one-of=a-kind design

- Custom cut your gemstone 

- Create your matching gem suites

- Mounting: 10, 14, and 18 kt gold, platinum

- 4 diamond qualities available 

- Affordable pricing

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